To my a little sanctuary,

It was funny to think how we both end up in the relationship, which rarely comes to my mind and why are we together, even now.

Everything felt surreal.

For some people, it may not sound like relationship-albeit that’s why we call it personal relationship. We have huge personal space, no anniversary date (let alone when and how we celebrate it), the amount of pictures we took together, frequencies of seeing each other which varies from twice a month to a week, how usual our dates which revolves around what to eat for lunch, dinner, and munchies during weekends, or merely phone call for 10 mins – 2 hours. When we don’t meet, he’s always been a phone call away.

It brings the giggles that now I hardly picture myself without him, which has been more than 2 years (and counting) and surely has been quite roller coaster (as hell).

We talk, we fight, we argue, we scream, we love, we kiss, we forgive, we cry, we mend, we collide, we hug, and we care.

After these massive ups and downs.. I know we’ll be there for each other and it feels like we bound to each other somehow.

And I know that he’s my home, my new definition of home.

It’s complicated, it’s hard, it’s definitely not a cheeky novelty romance nor Nicholas Sparks fairytale. It is beautiful and magical and it feels like walking through unicorn cotton candy field. Well, and it can feel like climbing a rocky mountains sometimes too or having torn caught in your throat.

This man, makes me my heart grows fonder every single day, except on days when he pissed me off.