Patience isn’t easy

Patience is tears. Patience is cringing out of anxiety. Patience is wanting to smash your fists into sujud. Patience is crying for a response from God. Patience is feeling alone. Patience is painful. Patience is taxing. Patience is clenched fists and grinding teeth. Patience is swallowing insults. Patience is smiles covering tears. Patience is so hard.

But remember, The Qur’an says:
“And how could we not place our trust in God, seeing that it is He who has shown us the path which we are to follow?’
‘Hence, we shall certainly bear with patience whatever hurt you may do us: for, all who

have trust [in His existence] must place their trust in God [alone]!’” [14:12]

Remember Who gave you the path to your salvation, have trust in your Lord, and remind yourself of what The Prophet said:

“Seek closeness [to God] and be steadfast [patient], and in all that afflicts the believer there is atonement, even a thorn that pricks him, and the hardship he suffers.” [Tirmidhi]