Trust is a fragile thing.

We all probably heard that trust is earned, not given. Or trust is like an eraser, it’s getting shorter with every mistake. Even trust is everything. Regardless, trust is the most basic thing of relationship, it is the spine, the backbone of what it means to love another person.

When we trust someone, we allow yourself to be vulnerable. Yet let that person in. We give that person our heart, our entire soul, and believe, despite all of the crap in the world, that they will take care of it. We watch that person walk away and we have the confidence that they are respectable and worth go throwing themselves around or flirting behind our back or opening themselves to any other person beside us. But the thing about trust, it relies so much to unknown. It is a testament of faith, that despite the odds and no matter what the world says, you believe the person we love will do us no harm.

Damn. That takes strength.